cleaning house x.x.

I have so much stuff in my costume closets ,that I need to start seperating what I'm going to sell/keep.
However, I'm happy to say that I have made some progress.
My orange and white cat was shipped out today.
Ushi is getting boxed up.
That lime green tail is also getting shipped.
a few resin casts were casted away from my container.
I gave a small amount of fur away =3.

I still need to get rid of..
these two tails for a friend.
those stompy feetpaws?
I may have some lavender fur i'm probably going to give up to make space.
Basically I have alot of fur to get rid of XD.

so yeah. done for now I sopose.

back again wewt!

Took care of alot of little small things today.

-set the Obi and Yukata aside for possibly shipping.
-stripped the fursuit feet down to the foam bases and removed the shoes with minimal damage. Whatever was damaged was patch up firmly and looks better now xD.
-checking emails and accounts religiously.
-Macha's face is mostly put together =D.
-hand painted some resin.
-oh and I had a good lunch today =D.

Today has been awesome n.n. kept me on my toes.
I expect tomarrow to be the same. hopefully =<.
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My First Entry yay!!!

         Highly doubt anyone is interested in reading this ,but if you are reading this now..HELLO out there! I really don't know what compelled me to actually work on my LJ. Maybe it is because I'm sick and have nothing better to do >.>. No one will ever know u.u..not even I. Anyways..Welcome to my LJ ^^..It's a pleasure to meet you. 
         I think in a few days I'll attempt to upload pictures of my cosplay as well as my a few pictures of some extra Faux fur. I really want to get rid of it. It is taking up unecessairy space @.@. I promise I'll post a longer post next time. ^^. PEACE OUT! *flees!!*
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